Munching through Japan

Appetisers - eggs, herbs, bamboo shoots Flower buds Trout grilled over charcoal and served with roasted miso Carp sashimi with carp scales and soy sauce. Served with flower petals and wasabi and a load of other condiments. Crunchy and tasty. Dobin mushi in a big stone teapot with bamboo shoots and wakame inside

Dinner at Sojiki Nakahigashi, one of the hottest kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto. Hisao Nakahigashi forages in the mountains around the restaurant everyday for the ingredients for the meal. The emphasis here is on raw clean tastes - flowers, leaves, fish, seafood exquisitely prepared and presented for your dining pleasure.

Reservations are essential - preferably 2 to 3 months ahead of time.

The restaurant is located in a nondescript Japanese house in northeast Kyoto. Diners sit at an old counter where the chef and his assistants buzz around tending to the food. There are several courses differentiated by price, but otherwise there is no choice on the part of the diner - just sit back and enjoy.

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